The Things They Do To Students At Rice

Camacho pokes Jeff.

Camacho beats Andy.

Scott takes revenge on Camacho.

I won’t say why I went looking for pictures of people getting poked with sticks (but you’ll figure it out in a later post). I will say I was happy to find these from the Poke-A-Spontaneous-Combustion-Member-With-A-Stick-Day at Rice University. Look, they even have a price list that includes:

  • $1
    • poke with a stick
    • song/poem on demand
    • two minute massage
    • lick a SC member
  • $2
    • picture with [unreadable]
    • kissing
    • whack with a stick
  • $3
    • marker tattoo
  • $4
    • attempt hedge jumping
  • $5
    • human piñata
    • shave a leg
    • we wrestle each other
  • $15
    • jump into hedges

Nowhere on the site does it note how much the fundraiser netted for “Rice’s best (only) improvisational comedy troupe.”

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