Flight of the Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords.

Ryan sent along a link to Flight of the ConcordsBusiness Time last week and I’m still laughing over it. With some exploring at a fansite, What the Folk!, I dug up a trove of other amusements, including She’s So Hot Boom.

For more info, I turned (as usual) to the Wikipedia article. And if I had HBO, I could have caught a repeat of them on One Night Stand this past Wednesday. But alas, no.

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13 thoughts on “Flight of the Conchords

  1. I found few skits on YouTube, but where is the official DVD so we can pay these guys and get the regular quality audio and video?

  2. The really funny part about this is that all New Zealanders are like this. We think the programme really funny too!!!

  3. Sh** Kathi, these guys ARE more famous!
    Here in The Big Smoke (London) everyone’s rockin ’em.
    The thing about quality is it’s always gonna get viral. There’s so much CRAP nowadays – I stopped watching TV back in ’99 and that’s in the UK where some of it is actually OK but these guys are the next thing since, I dunno, Monty Python or something. Keep it up acoustic comedy style!

  4. I wanna know where I can get some of the songs on the show like Leggy Blonde and Prince of Parties and Motha Uckers those are like some of the best songs but you cant find them anywhere!

  5. Cool dudes! Discovered them from youtube, now addicted. managed to dowmload some clips, yet some of them has no sound tho…They r number 3 now on my list. 1-the coupling UK, 2- Friends US, 3- the flight of the conchords NZ/US. Big up yo guys!

  6. We love Flight of the Concordes in Greymouth Hospital we Soooo look forward to Wednesday Nights cos that means buisness time to all of us even on the back shift not so much the night shift their more of a wednesday morning or afternoon sort of crowd but weee are definately Wednesday nighters buisnessy people.
    Any way sooo that was all I really wanted to say
    Love Yer Loads
    Bernie and the Gang
    Morice Ward
    Greymouth Hospital

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