Screencasting On Mac

I’m as annoyed as the next guy about how hard it is to find a decent screencast app for Mac. The forthcoming Mac OS 10.5’s new iChat Theater (and the built-in screen sharing/control features) should create some new opportunities for developers, but right now it’s hard to know what works or is worth trying.

Further, I narrowed the field with the following requirement: I need an app that records to QuickTime-compatible files, not Flash. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Extra: this how-to pointed out OmniDazzle and Mousepos√© as tools to help draw users’ focus during both live or recorded demos.

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3 thoughts on “Screencasting On Mac

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  2. Time to do a post on Screenflow, guy. It is THE Mac screencapture application. Check out the demo movie and download the demo. It is fully functional except it puts a huge watermark across your output. Still great to see what it can do.

    Screenflow won TWO Apple Design Awards at the recent WWDC: Best Graphics Application and Best OS X Application. Not too shabby!

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