MacBook Pro Reviewed

MacBook Pro.

Jacqui Cheng likes her new MacBook Pro and loves the performance, but gives the MagSafe power adapter mixed reviews. Why? She says it disconnects when it shouldn’t, and seems to stay connected when it should disconnect.

Well, I think I still want one.

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2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Reviewed

  1. one of my roommates just got one. it is very nice. i only played with it for a few minutes, but the mag cord seemed fine. maybe it would take getting used to, but even her example– a cat pulling the cord out by laying on it– would put stress on the contacts & etc. i’d rather the cord come out.

    the only temporary problem that folks who just bought their new intel mac’s face is that there is an early adapter penalty. companies like adobe have made it so that some folks can’t really consider a new mac (in practical terms) for a while yet. while a lot of things are being turned universal some still haven’t made the leap– clamxav, for instance, (though a universal binary is in the works).

    but no matter what i say the truth is that i have powerbook… macbook envy.

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