Evergreen Aviation Museum

The Goose under glass, McMinnville Oregon.

Howard HughesSpruce Goose now rests in McMinnville, at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

The Goose is as long as a 747 with a wingspan a third again as broad, and for a short few seconds in 1947, it flew.

The docent was incredibly pleased to tell us that the tail almost broke off during those few seconds in the air. He claimed Hughes hushed up the story and maintained the aircraft in flight-ready condition to protect himself from further attacks from government accountants.

The turbine below is one of a number on display, including one from an SR71 Blackbird. The rest of the Blackbird crouches under the Goose’s port wing.

Turbine, McMinnville Oregon.

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  2. Dear Evergreen Museum, My Husband and I attended your museum yesterday 6-10-06. I also purchased a flight jacket for our grandson from your store. I started having great difficulty breathing in your museum west of where the B17 is sitting. Paint fumes were wafting over the crowd, as we were with a tour guide. I told my Husband I have to get out of here this is really bothering me. We moved away after about 5 minutes from that area and I couldn’t smell those fumes any longer, but I was having trouble breathing and my eyes were burning and stinging. When we got home, I continued having these problems, thinking something was in my eye, I continued washing my eyes out with hypo tears, but they never stopped hurting, and I was all stuffed up from these fumes, nasal congestion. It is now 6-11-06, oh, I also had an earache. Why do you allow someone to do this work on planes when the museum is open to the public? I would like my entry fee to the museum refunded. Also, I had a question while I was in the store, I purchased a flight jacket, and the lady on the cash register told me the price, and I said there are signs all over the store ‘clothing 25% off’, she proceeded to tell me that there was no sign on the top glass shelf of those jackets. “Excuse me”, this is very poor marketing on your part as a shop in the museum. The jackets should’ve been upstairs away from the sale. But, I suppose the clothing was on sale upstairs too? The lady at the cash register was swamped with customers and no help at the time I was in your shop. She was making all kinds of mistakes with the customer before me, who requested gift certificates. I would like to hear feedback on your response to this occurence at your museum. Thank you for reading this e-mail. Sincerely, Linda M. Howery

  3. wow i knew it would be some where.!!!at least i know where it is and can get there.so this actually finished my search for the spruce goose.heard about it on the history channel and was interested.well

    thanks much,


  4. do you still sell the material pieces of the tail section along with a photo and as well framed of H.H. ?

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