Pig-n-Ford Races!?!

2005 pig-n-ford race.

So here I am looking up things to do in Oregon and I come accross the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce‘s guide to local attractions and its note about the Pig-n-Ford races:

Vintage vehicles, daring drivers and squealing porkers. Mixed together, the outcome can only be described as frenzied farm-style fun. Most people would agree that individuals who race Model-T Fords must be strange to begin with. When competitors insist on carrying pigs as passengers, however, it’s a sure sign of a rare breed of driver. Yet pigs do race in Model-T’s at the Tillamook County Fair.

And then I found the official Pig-n-Ford website, where they’ve got pictures, race stats, and history:

The first Pig-N-Ford Race took place at the Tillamook County Fair in 1925. The idea for the race happened when a couple Tillamook County residents were transporting some pigs and one got loose. They proceded to chase the pig in their Model-T Fords and had so much fun trying to catch, and drive with the pesky pig that they thought “let’s do this at the Fair.”

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2 thoughts on “Pig-n-Ford Races!?!

  1. if you go to the pig races, you’ll of course have to eat at the pig ‘n pancake restaurant. don’t forget the tillamook cheese factory.

    some attractions of interest:
    -the historic columbia river gorge highway
    -the rose garden in washington park (still a bit early in the season, tho)
    -pittock mansion

    in june, there’s the rose festival and the sandcastle contest at cannon beach, and the sand dunes at cape kiwanda are pretty neat.

    and on the kooky side:
    -there used to be a vacuum museum at the downtown stark’s, not sure if it’s still there
    -the smallest park in the world in the intersection at naito and taylor in portland
    -nifty antique carousel at jantzen beach

  2. I’m with Columbia Basin Rodeo Assoc. in Moses Lake Wash. I need an email address, or an address to send the agreement for this years Pig-N-Model T Racees in Moses Lake this year. We have the document in Word Formate or I can send it in .tiff form or fax the same. We look forward to having the fun bunch come up this year.
    Sincerely Larry Schwab
    4543 Rd. 3.7NE
    Moses Lake, Wash. 98837

    (509)766-2520 – work
    (509)765-5747 – evenings

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