Exxpose Exxon

Exxpose Exxon.

ExxonMobil’s 2005 profits of $36.13 billion are apparently the largest ever recorded by any corporation in America. To celebrate, the folks at SaveOurEnvironment.org put together this funny short: ExxposeExxon.

The movie makes some good points, but let’s face it, high oil prices encourage conservation and research on alternative energy technologies.

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One thought on “Exxpose Exxon

  1. I read with amazement 10% profit gain, when I am going under commuting back and forth to my job. My 2 year old boat has only been in the water 6 times in 2 years,because after filling up time after time there is no money left to buy gas and food and the camping spot so we just go to work and stay home on the weekends. I used to pay my gas card off every month now my bill is up to 480.00 and I can afford to pay it off every month I havent even been using my chevron card I try to pay cash when I can. I read where you have a 10% gain Do you realize that if a 20. buck an hr worker got that it would amout to a 2 buck an hour raise. That doesnt happen So how is america to keep up. It just aint right JIM

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