Conferencing in DC

I’m in Washington D.C. at the Computers in Libraries conference. It’s a good lineup of presenters and good programs, but I’m sad to know that I’ll be missing a peace rally this Saturday.

[b]Where to eat and drink:[/b]

[url=]Old Dominion Brewery[/url] is in Virginia not far from DC. It’s in an industrial park and you’ll doubt that you’re in the right place, but the food and local brews are good.

[url=]California Pizza Kitchen[/url] on the corner of Connecticut Ave and N street. Alright, but not outstanding. Let’s try this: pretty good for a chain restaurant.

[url=]Gazuza[/url] at 1629 Connecticut Ave near DuPont Circle was quite a find. Good music, comfortable lounge, open late for DC.

[url=]Washington Hilton[/url] at 1919 Connecticut Ave. Small (overpriced) rooms, good lunch cafe, bad bar. Really bad bar.