Poets, Justice, Scotch


“Poetic justice is a lie. It’s no more real than military inteligence. The entire motivation for poetry is the unjust pain of life.”

Separately, what’s the appropriate LC classification for Scotch? My first thought was around PR600, but what do I know. Should it go elsewhere? What about other spirits?

poetry, justice, poetic justice, scotch, lc classification, liquor

3 thoughts on “Poets, Justice, Scotch

  1. I thought you were kidding… playful banter and all that! Well, I figured it out, I think. It seems to depend a bit on usage, but it could be under TP (Chemical Technology) at about TP 500-660 (Fermentation industries. Beverages. Alcohol). OR TX (home economics), depending on context, TX 950-953 (Taverns, barrooms, saloons). As stylish as chemical technology is if you’re really looking for a place to hide a bottle, I think it’d have to be shelved as a saloon.


  2. …because posting the question here, in the “questionable, funny, pointless” category is so much more serious 😉

    Interesting, however, that you speak of technology while I speak of poetry. Alternatively, I might look around BD100 for metaphysical speculative philosophy, maybe RM185 therapeutic medicine, RM671 for patent medicines, or various sections of BF, like BF550 for “affection, feeling, emotion” or BF400 of “imagination, genius, intelligence.”

    Okay, maybe I’m going too far.

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