Gallery to Flickr Migration Tool

For those people still using Gallery, here’s the last straw: Rasmus Lerdorf got to playing with the Flickr API and quickly wrote up a script to migrate his photos from Gallery to Flickr. He’s didn’t post a script or anything, he’s just saying it’s easy to do.

A lot of things are easy to do, of course, but that doesn’t mean they get done. So it’s probably a great relief to somebody that Paul Baron got on the job. Paul didn’t do any coding, but he posted a rewarding challenge to a Flickr forum, a Flickr member responded (and took home 200 bones for his trouble), and now Paul is sharing the solution with you.

So what’s the holdup now?

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11 thoughts on “Gallery to Flickr Migration Tool

  1. This claims to only be compatible with Gallery 1.x I run Gallery 2 unfortunately…

    Though, with minimal work I might be able to modify it…

  2. the script hasn’t been updated and it didn’t work out of the box, but I’ve hacked it to get it working when I migrated my G1 to Flickr a few weeks back, you can get my changes here


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