We Regret The Error

regret the error.

Not all errors in news reporting are as trivial as this one:

THE COST of beer kegs has risen by about 30% since the end of 2003. In addition, Neil Witte is the draught beer quality-control specialist of Boulevard Brewing Co., and Steven Pauwels is the brewer’s brewmaster. A March 14 page-one article on beer-keg theft incorrectly said that the cost of kegs has tripled in recent years and incorrectly said that Mr. Witte is Boulevard Brewing’s brewmaster.

Well, actually, there’s nothing trivial about a 300% jump in beer costs, but still.

Back to the point: Regret The Error is an ever growing collection of all the little (and not so little) things our news media has gotten wrong. Or, at least is a collection of the things they’ve admitted to getting wrong.

Doesn’t sound like much fun? Go try it, but you can’t read just one.

update: and here are some corrections, or perhaps ‘clarifications,’ from NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday. I point them out because they’re the most confrontational (rightly so) corrections I’ve ever seen or heard. Go listen.

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