Is J. K. Rowling Carolyn Keene’s Sister?

I said previously that I drop my journalistic standards on Fridays. Today is no exception.

Background, from Mysterynet:

Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people — both men and women — over the years. The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers. For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.

Story, from Jens of Norway:

A sort of well-known movie director in Norway wrote an article in a norwegian newspaper (Aftenposten) today, stating that she thinks that J.K. Rowling does not really exist. That the woman we see on pictures and read about is none other than a paid actor and should be nominated for Oscar.

She links J.K. Rowling to the story of Carolyn Keene. [link added]

Wikipedia is rich with information about Rowling and the Harry Potter series, including the detail that “as of 2005, Rowling has written the last chapter of the seventh book.” But could these books have been ghosted?

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