bsuite Bug Fixes (release b2v3)

[innerindex]I’ve fixed another bug in bsuite b2, my multi-purpose plugin. This update is recommended for all bsuite users.


  • Previous versions would throw errors at the bottom of the page when the http referrer info included search words from a recognized search engine.


Follow the directions for the bsuite b2 release. The download link there will always fetch the current version.

Upgrades from earlier versions of bsuite are easy, just replace the old bsuite.php file with the new one. Upgrades from bstat follow the same directions as before.

bsuite Features

  • Tracks page loads (hits)
  • Tracks search terms used by visitors ariving at your site via search engines
  • Reports top-performing stories via a function that can be included in the sidebar
  • Reports recent comments via a function that can be included in the sidebar
  • Reports top search terms via a function that can be included in the sidebar
  • Outputs a pulse graph of activity on your site or specific stories
  • Highlights search words used by visitors ariving at your site via search engines NEW!
  • Lists related posts at the bottom of the current post’s content NEW!
  • Suggests posts that closely match the search criteria for visitors who arrive via search engines NEW!
  • Integrates bsuite_speedcache NEW!
  • Does some stuff with tags NEW!

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48 thoughts on “bsuite Bug Fixes (release b2v3)

  1. Hey! I love your plugin. This was VERY close to the solution to my problem. Is it possible to turn off search engine word highlighting, but keep the post suggestion box? Also, I’d like it to be above the first post on the home page, or above the title if it’s sent to an individual posts page and say something like this: “you searched for “blah blah blah” on google. You may have been brought to the wrong page. Here are a list of pages related to your search:

    Is this possible. Okay I know it’s a lot. Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi ,

    I love your plugin,

    but I don’t really understand why

    the related suggestions don’t appear on my web site.

    All the rest is ok, but after the word related :,
    don’t appear nothing…

    what can I do to solve this problem ?

    Thank you

  3. Jayson: you’re not the first person to ask about improvements to the search word highlighting and suggest posts features, and those are my targets for the next version.

    For the moment it is what it is, but I hope to get a new release out soon.

  4. Quick question though… I think I’ve got it working with the exception of the pulse feature. For some reason in FireFox 1.5 the pulse isn’t shown correctly.. I get a ton of text saying “graph element graph element graph element” in the place of the pulse.

    Although I don’t have the issue on this site at all. Any ideas what I might have set incorrectly? Is there some tweak that I should be putting in place that I missed?

    Hope to get it working soon. I’m not a fan of IE and think I could be a pretty big fan of this little plugin.

    Merry Christmas! o

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  6. Hello,
    when i try to initialize i get the following error:
    WordPress database error: [index command denied to user: 'web###@localhost' for table 'wp_posts']
    CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX bsuggestive ON wp_posts (post_content,post_title)

    bsuite is not logging anything so far

  7. I have a patch for your bsuite plugin, but I simply cannot tell where I could send it to you. Please reply to my e-mail (in this comment) address and we’ll talk about bsuite.

  8. Hey brotha, great plugin. Looks like Simpletags changed from to [tags] and bSuite doesn’t appear to pick those up. Also, when posting tags via the FireFox blogging extension, I get dual tags inserted. I see one in the post body, as normal, but there is another that is inserted in there and formatted differently. The only thing I can think of is that bSuite is inserting the 2nd? Can you check out Clicksentry and let me know what you think?


  9. Hi, we’ve been using bsuite to show our “Today’s most popular posts”, suddenly it stop showing last night, I’ve double check the code usage and nothing seems to be wrong, could you offer any help? Thanks in advance.

  10. One other thing. πŸ™‚ Is there a way to *force* bSuite to update Related Posts? As an example, I updated a previous Blogger blog to WP 2.0 and hand entered tags for simpletags. This was after I had activated bSuite, which found the first new post I had with tags and posted related posts. I am assuming Related uses tags…which is probably wrong. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  11. Jason,

    The related posts feature does use tags, but for performance reasons it caches the results for 90 minutes. A future release — which will hopefully be out the door in a week or two, really — will make that cache time configurable and include an option to reset the cache.

    Also, as you noted earlier, bsuite won’t necessarily work well with other tagging tools, like the Performancing plugin. I’m looking for work-arounds on that. Again, look for something in the next release.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  12. Kelly, it looks like things are working on your site now. It’s worth noting the “today” functions get reset when the server clock hits midnight, so there are times when it will show no data. An alternative to that — and maybe I should make it automatically do this as a fallback — is to use the “recent” functions, which report data from the past X days.

    Thanks for using bsuite,


  13. In response to Chris’ comment above regarding graph.element, I downloaded the latest version and installed bsuite in a directory under wp-content/plugins/ and got the same error.

    Line 753 in bsuite.php (b2v3 dated Dec 14) assumes the image ‘spacer.gif’ is in the wp-content directory not with the PHP file for the plugin.

    I’ve manually edited the .php file instead of moving the GIF, not the best approach I know but without wishing to learn PHP and the WordPress API it’ll do me for the time being.

    HTH – Robert.

  14. Hey, i installed last version of bsuite b2v3
    and i got problems, that all links show to 1 post, but it is not true, I’ve check bsutire Top referrers and they links to another posts, so what is this? is it bug, or should I set something in options, or?

  15. Excellent plug in, thank you very much. I use bsuite on two sites (have b2v3 installed) but since a few weeks I am getting error messages on both sites when looking at the Reports. Can you tell me what I can do to fix this? Directly under Quick State it gives the following error message. The Last 9 Days are displayed, the Total Page Loads are displayed, but the Best 10 Days are NOT displayed:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘reads FROM `blog1_bstat_hits` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER BY reads DESC LIMIT 10′ at line 1]
    SELECT concat(sum(hits_reads),’ (‘,bstat_date,’)’) as note, sum(hits_reads) as reads FROM `blog1_bstat_hits` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER BY reads DESC LIMIT 10

  16. Hi —

    I’ve been trying to remove the hit counts from the displayed results of bstat_recentpop, since we use wp-cache and the counts are too low.

    I’m not a php/mySQL programmer but I think I understand how bstat_recentpop forms the query and passes it to bstat_reporter, which creates the result array. In the former I tried replacing SUM(a.hits_reads) in CONCAT(‘ (‘,SUM(a.hits_reads),’)’) with a blank string. I also tried something similar with bstat_reporter where I removed ($row->note). Neither worked. I didn’t see any other functions involved. What am I missing?


  17. Please ignore #20 above … my host (Lunarpages) had moved me off an ‘abuse’ server (due to high CPU use) back onto a regular one and their dns hadn’t updated. So I was editing the bsuite file on the new server and wondering why the changes didn’t show up — b/c the hits were to the old, unmodified file on the temporary server! There goes three hours of my life …

  18. On line 1379, I had to change:
    $request = “SELECT concat(sum(hits_reads),’ (‘,bstat_date,’)’) as note, sum(hits
    _reads) as reads FROM `$bsuite_tables[bstat_hits]` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER
    BY reads DESC LIMIT $top_num”;

    $request = “SELECT concat(sum(hits_reads),’ (‘,bstat_date,’)’) as note, sum(hits
    _reads) as num_reads FROM `$bsuite_tables[bstat_hits]` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER
    BY num_reads DESC LIMIT $top_num”;

    to fix the issue in post 19 (which I also had). This was on MySQL 5.0.18 which I suspect treats “reads” as a keyword.

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  20. Hello,

    I’ve been doing some digging around as I discovered that StatTraq and bsuite are reporting different inbound search results.

    What I appear to have found is that an incoming search for the root directory (GET /) is logged into the database but with a post_id of 0 (that’s a zero) presumably because there isn’t a specific post to associate it with. It’s only happening with a small percentage of searches but it still means there are referrals not shown.

    I do not have the skills to fix this problem and would be very happy indeed if it can be resolved in a future release.

    Many thanks – Robert.

  21. Nice plugin..! Can I get the Today’s Total Hits data from bsuite? How can I change some more nice look of STory Pulse Graphic..?

  22. Hello, I have not got any reply from you. Is my question un-answerable? Please send me a line only… ! Waitin..

  23. Bearded: I’ll have to add a function to offer the hit data you’re asking for (it shouldn’t be hard, so I’ll try to make sure it’s in the next release).

    The pulse graphic can be changed by using a custom stylesheet. Here’s the default, you can integrate those styles with your site’s CSS and make any changes you desire. Just be sure to turn off the default CSS output in the general options of the bsuite Options tab if you do.

  24. Than U very much “Casey” ! ..for the reply. I am waiting for the “daily hits” code.. and now I will try the CSS also. Thanks again.

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  27. Hello Casey,
    As per your assuarance, I am still waiting for the HITS Display Code in your Next Version of Bsuite…! pls. reply this request.

  28. Hello –
    Great Contribution!!!

    Feature Request πŸ™‚
    add another filter –
    “Ignore hits from these URL’s:”

    Because, an IP Address to someone’s host company is usually shared with several hundred other websites. By adding this functionality, we can filter out the “spam” sites that created links to our site.



  29. the plugin can´t support MySQL 5.0 Servers

    the plugin show some errors
    please fix the problem and reply me

  30. the error is:

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘reads FROM `lu22_bstat_hits` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER BY reads DESC LIMIT 10′ at line 1]
    SELECT concat(sum(hits_reads),’ (‘,bstat_date,’)’) as note, sum(hits_reads) as reads FROM `lu22_bstat_hits` GROUP BY bstat_date ORDER BY reads DESC LIMIT 10

  31. Hi,
    I’m the developer of Babya bSuite (a digital media suite)-and you call your WordPress plugin bSuite as well. I used that name first.

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  34. As noted above, the plugin generates a MySQL error on some versions of MySQL. The problem is in l. 1379: the column is named “reads” which is misinterpreted by MySQL.
    Solution: just change “reads” to another name, for instance “readz”.
    Be careful to change the two occurrences of the name in this line. This should correct the problem.
    I suggest the author includes this change in future releases of this GREAT plugin.


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