Free Palm/Treo AIM Client

My Treo rocks. Part of my love for the new gadget is how I can now AIM on the run without SMS. Sure, I risk frostbitten fingers as I walk across campus and I’d probably be a lot better off if I just called the person, but…but…

Anyway, Everything Treo was near the top of my Google query with a roundup of three commercial IM apps for Palm. But none of the reviewed apps seemed all that great, and I sort of expected to find a free client. The Treonauts review wasn’t much help either, and I was about to give up when I found Atomig Cog‘s Toccer, a completely free, still-in-beta AIM client. It’s plenty capable and seems to be in active development (five releases since mid-August).

A couple features I didn’t think about before I started looking include directly connecting to AOL (some clients use a proxy), background receiving (because fully-synchronus IMing is frustrating), and support for the five-way nav clicker.

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17 thoughts on “Free Palm/Treo AIM Client

  1. Thank god, can I donate some paypal-aol can’t even get this to work.


    sycn the file through hotsycn, it will install automatically after you have downloaded to your desktop. OR

    Email it to you phone, open the email, select to download, resync so that it downloads to your phone, then go back into your email and touch the file and it will be there. Or if you can select and look under your “unfiled” area it may be there.

    Mine worked fine, this is the 5th one I have tried, and I paid mucho denero for progies that done work 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading the Instant Messenger Roundup. A number of folks have had success with Toccer and we have a number of discussions in our forums regarding Toccer. I have to disagree with your comment regarding “none of the apps seem all that great”. VeriChat is an extremely good app and worth at least a free trial.

  3. hi guys, I ws wondering if this app. would work for the treo 700w x, and if so how do I install it as well? if not where can I get AIM for this thing!?

  4. The 700wx is a Pocket PC, not a Palm OS device. I would look for an AIM client that runs on Windows Mobile 5. The 700p, however, does run Palm OS.


  5. I need to know if either the 700p ot the 700wx is supported by sprint ring tone,call tone and sprint tv. I can’t get an answer from anyone. Please Help.

  6. hey john, the sprint treo 700p does support the sprint ringtones and calltones, but im not too sure about the sprint t.v because i have not tried it b4.

  7. will you fools stop posting your email addresses, nobody is going to email you.

    the toccer program is for Palm OS, not windows mobile 5. that means that it will work for the treo600, treo650, treo700p, and the treo750p.

    it will NOT work with the treo700w or the treo700wx. it doesn’t matter that you have a treo, just look for a WM5 aim client. I know there is a pocketPC AIM client from AOL that somewhat works with WM5 (british version is free, just google for it)

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