4 thoughts on “FrontRow For Everybody

  1. I actually installed frontrow on my first generation imac g5 and it worked well. i used front row enabler which was posted on macupdate. without bluetooth i had no chance to ever make it a usefull feature, but it was neat all the same– in the end it really just made me want to get a new imac– which as it turns out will happen because my old one is being replaced by apple (yahoo).

  2. Looks Shady?!? Tell me what looks “shady” about a website that operates on .Mac account and has a registered domain information through ICANN for http://www.appsformymac.com? Can’t be too Shady when I’m willing to give out my personal information. If you’re still concerned, visit my homepage at http://www.markabrooks.com.

    Also, check out post #17 from this website http://ppleyard.org.uk/archives/2005/10/25/front-row-on-a-mac-mini.html

    Please note that while your link has some interesting tidbits or half the information, you can download all necessary files from the http://www.savefile.com/projects.php?pid=379418 Check out the user comments from your linked website….not too many successful installations. I, on the other hand, have 50 e-mails daily of successful installations. Is Slim Shady related to you?

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