Kim’s CMS Shortlist

With 1,800 CMS vendors in the marketplace, we’re mining what we know or know-of as a way to shorten the list. Kim named the following four:

  • Joomla, a derivative of Mambo
  • Collage appears to have good content reuse features
  • OmniUpdate has a good list of higher ed clients
  • Drupal: open source and turning heads

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3 thoughts on “Kim’s CMS Shortlist

  1. i just played with drupal a bit. it was a snap to install, and it was easy to add themes and modules. but for all the options it still lacks some easy customization features. in the end it seems less of a cms and more of a blog. what it seems like this would be great for is collaborative websites– and with the modules you can customize the way people work together and how they enter and work with the content, however it is not what i am looking for. in my *very* limit testing it looks like it would take a lot of work to make a website with drupal that doesn’t look like some sort of blog hybrid.

    moving on…

  2. i wish i had played with drupal more before writing anything. it looks like i might have been too quick to judge.

  3. casey, i drupal is actually pretty nice. but i still think that it makes more sense to build your own for specific purposes. what i ended up doing was hacking the heck out of a template and a module in order for things to behave in a way that i kind of liked. and while it will work out of the box, it probably won’t work how anyone wants out of the box unless they are blogging. i’m still learning so some of that might be a bit off, but it isn’t the best solution– the lazy one, but not the best. i certainly couldn’t use this for my friend’s site– she would find working with drupal confusing– she needs something simple that works. what i wrote/am writing for her is multitudes better because it does so little, and does it in obvious way.

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