bsuite Feature: User Contributed Tags

Ross Singer gets the prize for submitting the first reader contributed tag, the latest feature in bsuite.

There are arguments about whether user-contributed tags are useful or even valid, or whether they should be stored in my site or aggregated at places like del.ici.ous. But who’s to worry about such questions? Who’s to worry when you can put together the work already done to support author’s tags with WordPress’s pretty good comment system and get user contributed tag support with just a few extra lines of code? Who’s to worry when we can try it and see what comes of it?

It’s all managed using the same tools we use to approve, moderate, and edit comments, which also means the spam filtering that works for comments works for contributed tags too. And because bsuite is already part of WPopac, that means it gains the new tagging features too (well, it will soon).

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5 thoughts on “bsuite Feature: User Contributed Tags

  1. So I just wanted to let you know that I found some slight errors in the BETA bsuite. Maybe it was just me, but I needed to add some ob_start(); to certain pages because bsuite was sending out headers for those pages. I dont know what bsuite was doing so I didnt fix it there. It also could just be me, but I thought I would let you know

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