The New iMacs…

I live quite a distance from any Apple Stores, so it’s only now that I’ve been able to see the new stuff. The Photo Booth application bundled with the new iMacs is actually more fun than I expected. That’s me above with the “comic book” effect applied.

But Front Row is every bit as sweet as it looks in the demos. Yes, I want it on my current machine. And, yes, I would pay $49, or maybe $79, I might even be convinced to pay $99 for the remote and software. Apple should move quickly, as it’s already been found in the wild.

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2 thoughts on “The New iMacs…

  1. I tried out the wild version. A bit slow on my old hardware but it is a first version. I’m sure if Apple releases it they will polish it a bit more and hopefully get it primed.

    I also bought a AirClickUSB remote from Griffen and there is a modification to get it working with FrontRow. Very nice. Nice for standalone apps too. Keynote may work much better if I’m even stuck giving a presentation again.

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