Using XML In PHP5

Everybody likes documentation. The Zend folks posted this overview and SimpleXML introduction The O’Reilly folks at ONLamp offered this guide to using SimpleXML. Of course, there’s always the SimpleXML docs at

Two problems: I haven’t encountered CDATA in my XML yet, but I do hope to develop a better solution than offered here when I do. The other is that SimpleXML chokes on illegal characters, a unfortunately common occurrence in documents coming from III’s XML Server.

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4 thoughts on “Using XML In PHP5

  1. I’ve only been using SimpleXML for a short time but one thing I’ve found is that the text inside CDATA blocks comes out just fine when you can the SimpleXMLElement to a string. I’ve used it successfully in a parser I’ve written for a project and haven’t come across any problems yet, although if I’m doing something wrong do tell me. Hope this helps in some way.

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