Distracted By My Shiny New Camera

The Olympus C8080, one of the best digital cameras ever, can be had for under $500, refurbished, from some sellers on Amazon. That’s about where the price/features ratio against the C7000 I was excited about last week tips strongly in favor of the C8080.

I might get into why I’m not excited about dSLRs in a later post, but I won’t deny that price is part of it. Still, I think even the most die-hard dSLR aficionado will agree the C8080 has a lot to love.

The question remains: will it replace the Olympus C4000 I’ve become so comfortable with? I think so.

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4 thoughts on “Distracted By My Shiny New Camera

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  2. hi Maison, came across this post of yours as it cropped up in the related post bit.

    are you still enjoying this gorgeous camera? or have you changed your mind about DSLR?

    most of my personal pics were taken with a C8080WZ.

    the summer holiday set, the smoke ones, and the antony gormley stuff. my only nag is the manual focus control. which isnt as smooth as Id like it to be.

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