Teachers Get Paid Crap

From AlterNet: Teaching In America: The Impossible Dream. Tagline:

Many public school teachers today must work two jobs to survive, and can’t afford to buy homes or raise families. Why do we treat our teachers so poorly?

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2 thoughts on “Teachers Get Paid Crap

  1. I cannot understand why teachers have the most
    responsibility in a school and get paid just a little more than a
    teacher’s aide. Too many people pay lip service about
    paying teachers more; but, they want us to teach their children
    and give them the best education we can give them. I am tired
    of people saying that teachers should do it for the love. I need some love in terms of being paid so I can have a decent roof over my head, pay bills
    take care of my children and enjoy other things in my life. I am
    tired of struggling with these terrible wage. Additionally, we have tens of meetings and paper work that is ridiculous.

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