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A friend and I have been talking about what it would take to turn WordPress into a CMS. We both have our doubts, but today I found this job ad that suggests we’re not alone in at least thinking of the possibility.

Needed: Web Designer/Programmer For Our Sites

We’re growing very fast, and have outgrown our current CMS and design. We’re looking for a designer and/or programmer to redesign our rapidly growing network and implement a CMS that ties it all together. The network includes our planned ContentNext hub, paidContent.org, MocoNews.net, and ContentSutra, along with BillboardPostplay, our joint venture with Billboard. In addition to redesigning the front end, we’re migrating all of the sites to a common platform with an integrated database. Our preference is WordPress with enhancements to make it more of CMS; we’ve also explored Drupal as a CMS and we’re open to another open-source CMS if it can achieve our objective. We’re planning a mid-fall relaunch.

In addition to WordPress, the right person/team will be well versed in PHP, web standards, MYSQL and experienced in deployment of multi-site content networks as well as taxonomy.

We are not averse to a team consisting of a lead developer with high-level experience and a person or persons with less experience as long as it doesn’t affect our timeline or the quality of the project.

Contact me, Rafat Ali, with your portfolio/skills and we can discuss further.

Anyway, I forwarded this to Zach with the subject: “affirmation.”

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4 thoughts on “WordPress As CMS

  1. I use wordpress to run my department’s online handbook/intranet type site and it works well. If you need more CMS than blog then you might try Textpattern. Works well.

  2. I’m using WordPress as the CMS for my graphic design portfolio site and I’ve found that it works pretty well, so long as you’re realistic about your expectations of it! I’m confident enough now to offer it as a CMS solution to smaller clients…


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