Five Days Left To Apply To Be Chivas Life Editor

Chivas Regal.Chivas, the folks who bring us Chivas Regal scotch whisky and virtual tours of the Playboy Mansion, is looking for a pair of ambassador editors for

The deal pays $100,000 to the lucky pair to tour the world making good press and pictures for the brand. You’ve got six more days to put together the three-minute application video, so get on it.

Thanks to Gadling for the link.

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8 thoughts on “Five Days Left To Apply To Be Chivas Life Editor

  1. Only good old cognacs and wines may offer real pleasure. All the rest are just liquids to get drunk. Whisky as such is the equivalent of home made russian/eastern europe drink named “samogon”. Sorry, but whisky is another drink which just scorches the throat and curves the face during consumption. Too bad the commercials invaded TV and fool the people with slow motions of liquids and nice music.

  2. Vlad- while this may be true of some of the Whiskeys give Chivas Regal a try- This is one whiskey that you can drink on its own and it doesnt burn at all. It is an amzing drink and worth the money spend on it. While I love a good wine- this is one Whiskey that I will continue to enjoy. Give it a try if you are skeptical. Then let me know what you think.

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