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I’ve been babbling like a stoolie for Pepper here for the past couple weeks, but after some prodding by Roger Sperberg I’ve started to take a serious look at the Nokia 770 linux-based internet tablet. To get me started is Mike Cane’s hands on report from some time spent with it at LinuxWorld Expo. Nokia is pushing to support the developer/hacker community, and there’s already some interesting work being done. And Mike Cane is keeping things up to date at Mike Cane’s ersatz 770 blog.

The 770 has a lot to like, including a nice 800×480 screen, WiFi, and a much lower price than the Pepper Pad. But I’m concerned about its dependance on handwriting recognition and that its small size may actually be counterproductive for my purposes.

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  1. Three points about text imput —

    1) Maybe 225 pixels-per-inch will improve handwriting recognition. Hard to tell until you have it in hand though

    2) An on-screen (720 or 800 pixels wide) keyboard pops up when you’re in a place expecting text input. This may not be perfect, but it’s not awful, especially if it’s just a URL you’re entering.

    3) Lots of people have been working out how to get a USB or Blue Tooth keyboard to work with the 770. I expect something to come out before too long.

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