Jet Turbine Powered Toyota MR2 On eBay


Yup, it’s up on eBay now (closing in a day or so) with the following description:

Everybody needs one of these, cleaning out the garage, this little car is so much fun, it is thrust powered by 2 GE t-58 turbines, has 4 fuel tanks, power steering, power brakes, fire detection, fire suppression, roll over protection, self starting and quick. I have taken this car to the salt flats twice, the first time it wanted to fly @ 140 mph, but after adding the spoilers and air dam it stayed solid thru 187 mph with a lot more room to go.

The seller added the following details separately:

[…]the car runs on Jet A fuel, probably will run on diesel fuel but have not tried it, I think its street legal except for this little excessive noise issue, the car is thrust only, it has no reverse, tires are rated @ prox 170 mph, heavy duty brakes and slotted discs includes an intercom and mike and ear peice for your helmet, includes a drag chute but have never needed it air intakes are on the sides and top of the engine cover, no compressor stall thru 145 mph, for fast and salt flats running a modified engine cover is put on it to take the air off the top of the roof to supply more air and keep salt out of turbines, engines are GE T58-3s with logs, a short video is available[…] based upon some of the questions I have had asked, be prepared to sign a long liability waiver.

Thanks to Engadget for the link.

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23 thoughts on “Jet Turbine Powered Toyota MR2 On eBay

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  4. Yes! finally somone else who has seen this one on EBAY. Didn’t this car sell for alittle over 20k? haha what a steal

  5. I have a boat, ironically called the WINDJET.
    It is powered by two seadoos. Would you like to help me power it with two jet turbines? Then it would live up to its name. It’s a cool high tech boat. I know where there are 10 of these boats that need a power plants.

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  9. 1.In few years from now we will used Jet Power Engines in Cars to Replace the Old Gasolean Engine: will be obselote in the Distance Future too! True! It time for a Change too! Agreed it will be a Surprised too. Itwill be put on market; very soon too! It not to far head too! It will be in the Year of 2030 A.D. too! By 01/03/2030 A.D. to, they will vote on it too! It will be production by 01/10/2031 too! Agreed!!!

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