Google Hacks

From O’Grady’s PowerPage:

I have no interest in true hacking (i.e. rummaging through people’s private junk) although viewing random unprotected IP cameras around the world in public places and controlling their panning and zoom functions is kind of mind-blowing. There are a ton of fun GHacks out there – like spelling out words in pictures using Google image search, and the Google poetry generator, or the news map generator etc. Check out more than a dozen Google Hacks here.

Sort of related: put an “&btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky” at the end of your query URL to invoke Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” option. This is incredibly useful when using Google to search WorldCat, like this.

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674 thoughts on “Google Hacks

  1. I just want to say that for those who have the code for Google Earth Pro and are just making snide remarks instead of sharing, you defeat the purpose of the internet. It’s all about swapping information, having stuff available to you and being close just as people and all that good stuff. Yes you paid for the software but I pay for a lot of the music and movies I buy and have no problem sharing online or making copies or just making the information available to others. It won’t decrease what I paid but it doesn’t cost me anymore to do it. I benefit by other things that I want that I get for free because someone of a similar mind provided it. Some things you have to pay forward to get back. Get a clue.

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