I’m not sure what to think about Steve J’s WWDC announcement (video stream) of Apple’s switch to x86 processors. Coverage at MacNN, Mac Rumors, Ars Technica, etc. I’m not sure, but it would be easier to take if I wasn’t the only one who saw conspiracy in it. Does this relate to Intel’s recent shoehorning of DRM onto the CPU?

It wasn’t long ago that I was praising Apple for making devices that served the remix world that exists in the void between fair use and copyright infringement, but moves since then have concerned me. I live with iTunes DRM, but can I tolerate DRM throughout the OS all the way down to the hardware? Can I tolerate something that eliminates the (entirely legal) me2me sharing that I expect (and is revered in the analog world)?

Anyway, there’s some mixed news about PPC on X86 emulation that will be part of the next OS release, and I expect the jabbering about the effect of this announcement will last all summer. Here’s some now from MacNN, and PowerPage. And here’s something I can laugh at.

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  1. Well it looks loke the old Maisonbisson site finally ran out somewhere around #1150, because this is a new fresh site with no postings…I hope all my old freinds like Remmy, Deb, Aunt M, can find this site so our conversations can continue.

    Are you out there guys…….

  2. The other site hasn’t closed TKO. It’s still there. Ok I’m confused this site is a blog about apple computers. Look to the right, you don’t see a long list of topics? Look under Recently commented, on my end it lists: “Grizzly Man”(1163)posts, and a 2nd “Grizzly Man”(575)posts. Now I’ve gone to
    “What”. And I feel like starting a dialog for the “Three Stooges”. You know, who’s on first, what. No What’s on third…etc.

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