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I’m almost ready to call the first stage of my WordPress migration done, except it looks like the comment submission forms aren’t working. While I’m working on that, please note the new feed URLs: RSS 0.9x, RSS 2.0, and atom.

Update: Found a reference to the comment bug on the WP support site and in their bug tracking system. I didn’t find the answer there, though, so this is still a problem. I did, however, discover that one of my spam-blocking plugins, WPSpamAssasin 0.6.2, was blocking the comments from ever getting into the database. Strictly speaking, comments are now working, but the UI isn’t working consistently. Still working on it.

3 thoughts on “Blog Software Switched

  1. Hi!

    I write you in order to try to solve a little question with Oberkampf.
    I’m trying to make it work but without success under my WordPress Blog
    at javipas [dot] com… and I’ve seen you’ve been successful at installing it!

    I have now a flickr badge working on my sidebar, but I guess Oberkampf
    can do this and much more, and I’m not sure which is my mistake… I
    will explain you what I’ve done…

    1. I’ve created an oberkampf.php file through the assistant at
    entrauge’s web page. I only modify my “Flickr Username”. No more, no
    less. I put inside there the code “86209075@N00” which is my ID. Not
    sure if i have to enter “javipas”, my screen name, or anything else. I
    do not touch anything else at that moment, and I’m really not sure if
    I have to introduce something inside the [] brackets or not.

    2. I upload the oberkampf.php file inside my
    /wp-content/themes/javipas directory, which is the one where all the
    theme information is stored. I’ve tried to upload the php file in the
    root directory, but without success. I create the cache_oberkampf
    folder and assign it 777 permissions.

    3. I insert the next lines in order to try something in the
    /wp-content/themes/javipas/sidebar.php file:

    4. I update the configuration and then my web page but without any
    effect. Could you please give me some idea about what I’m doing
    wrong?!? This sounds quite stupid to me, I’m sure the answer is

    Sorry if I bother you… just wanted to use this (I presume) nice
    utility… Greetings from the sunny Madrid 🙂

    Take care,


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