Cool Stuff Made Easy (RSS, OpenGL 3D Graphics, Screensaver App)

How to build a Mac RSS screensaver by Engadget.

I have an appropriate fondness for Engadget‘s How-To features, like today’s “Make a customized RSS screensaver in Tiger.” MacOS X 10.4 Tiger comes with a pretty decent RSS screensaver (don’t miss the movie), which can be set to display feeds from any source that Safari can read and bookmark. And if that’s all you want out of life, well then you won’t have any reason to leave your couch/chair/bathtub or wherever you use your Mac. Vince Veneziani at Engadget, on the other hand, wants to do a little more, like change the colors and the animation and stuff. That’s why he wrote the how-to.

Cool thing is, Apple’s developer tools make the process of building complex OpenGL screensavers as easy as drawing lines between boxes on a logic diagram that represents the application. That’s the screenshot above. Cool, eh?

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