Delicious, Refreshing, Old Liquor Bottles

Delicious Refreshing Grenadine.
Elixer Vegetal. Caution 190 Proof.

So grenadine isn’t officially a liquor, but it gets kept behind the bar and this one has a great label. The collection comes from the estate of a friend’s mother, who appears to have had a taste for old martini culture (not pictured are several bottles of vermouth).

There’s more in my Flickr photoblog.

114 thoughts on “Delicious, Refreshing, Old Liquor Bottles

  1. I have Canadian Club , unopened bottle eight years old in 1952, What is value. Any extra value for the Xma gift package it is in, from 1952?

  2. Have a sealed bottle of Kinesy Silver lable IRS Sealed no. 49-2829750 . Pre World War 2. is this worth anythiing?

  3. Hi, I have the following:

    1. An Unopened Bottle of 1986 Ben Nevis Scotch Whiskey Liqueur

    2. An Unopened Bottle of 1986 Chivas Regal (12 Years Old) Scotch Whiskey

    3. An Unopened Bottle of 1986 Bells Scotch Whiskey

    4. An Unopened Bottle of 1986, 450 Centiliters (4.5 Liter) James Buchanan Old Scotch Whiskey

    5. An Unopened Bottle of 1988, 750ml Hiram Walker & Sons Imported Canadian Special Old
    Canadian Wiskey

    I would really appreciate your help in this regard!

    Thank You Kindly

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