T-Mobile Does Coverage Maps, Verizon Wireless Baffled

I’d like to make more of this, but it’s old news. We’re all sick of the “can you hear me now” ads, but that doesn’t stop Verizon from talking up their network testing efforts. But when it comes to network performance, the CEO starts complaining about customers who expect their phones to work at home. What? Yes. Engadget reports:

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle he asks, “Why in the world would you think your (cell) phone would work in your house? The customer has come to expect so much.”

Or, as Glenn Fleishman summarizes:

Verizon’s CEO recently stated that people shouldn’t have the expectation that cellular service works everywhere, like in their homes, or have access to detailed information about coverage.

So, it’s refreshing that T-Mobile has decided otherwise and is offering detailed coverage maps for their wireless service. I think I like seeing T-Mobile smack Verizon just because Verizon has been busy pushing legislation to block community WiFi efforts.

9 thoughts on “T-Mobile Does Coverage Maps, Verizon Wireless Baffled

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  4. i am not happy with mobile my service sucks when it get to other area and they r not trying to help all they want is money money money

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