Time To Change… Time To Rearrange… Time To Restore From Backup…

I’ve given up on my poorly timed and completely unplanned try at switching to WordPress. I started out thinking I’d experiment with it, then things got out of hand.

Factors contributing to my interest in WordPress:

Factors that made me give it up for the short-term:

  • I’ve come to like my stats tracking, and I discovered I was going to have to build my own module to track reads per day for stories
  • My I understand my home-made spam-blockers and they work, but WordPress came with few/none and got smacked with 50 or more spam comments overnight (which isn’t so many, actually); figuring out the spam-blocking plug-ins was going to take time
  • I was under the ignorant impression that WP used Technorati/Flickr-style tags instead of static categories; I was wrong, but there’s another plug-in I can try to do that too
  • It turns out there are a number of complaints about sloppy coding in WP, even among WP’s biggest fans; this isn’t such a deal breaker, but it disincentivizes™ the project
  • I discovered a number of problems with the way my old content imported; I could have fixed it, but time, time, time…
  • I haven’t got much time just now; no time to figure out how to fix what I’ve lost, no time to use the new features
  • More importantly, I’ve become more conscious of the fact that I never really chose WP, but was experimenting with it

Reality: there were a few legitimate comments made in the WP database, but I don’t have a good system to bring them back here to pMachine. I haven’t lost them, but until I figure out what I’m doing I’m not going to manually migrate them this direction. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Time To Change… Time To Rearrange… Time To Restore From Backup…

  1. iloha blog might be good (when it is released). http://ilohablog.com/

    i only say that because the developer is also responsible for iloha mail which is easy and versatile– though it isn’t quite mature yet (it is still be actively developed).

    and to veer well off topic he also developed a blue screen technology for use with iSight (i don’t think that was released but there are photos of the thing in action)

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