III Introduces “Web Works”

Where did this come from? Innovative calls it “Web Works,” and describes them as “HTML-based interfaces for light-weight system access.” Here’s the program description:

WebWorks are new products that offer focused functionality for staff through a lightweight browser-based client. One Web Works client handles Selection List processing while a cataloging client provides the ability to add and edit records.

The session was hugely crowded, and I had to run off before I got to ask my question: “how do these fit in with any web services strategy III may be developing?”

…And then I found myself thinking: I’d really like III to focus on providing a great basic product first, then develop a great back-end web services interface for those who want to do more, then, if they must, use that back-end to build special applications as clients demand them. As it is, each new customer who waves an invoice around gets to ask for some weird product or change to a product, but I’m not clear on how they all connect or are supportable in the long run.