Nevada Test Site Tour

Sedan Crater at the Nevada Test Site.

Toured the Nevada Test Site today. No cameras allowed, but I did take along a GPS and marked points of interest along the way. I’ll have to upload the track and landmarks when I get home, but Google Sightseeing has some interesting Nevada destinations, including one for the test site area. But satellite photos can do little to show the human scale of things like the 1,200 foot wide Sedan Crater.

More about the Nevada Test Site in a previous post.

8 thoughts on “Nevada Test Site Tour

  1. I was one of those arrested for civil disobedience at the lab this past Saturday, after attending the Desert Experience conference. By any chance have you seen any pictures from that event?
    I was amazed at the thoroughness of all the presenters, as well as how they helped us prepare for our action at the Test Site. The information on recent tests, as well as the future of the site, was well documented and well presented. It leads one to consider what next we need to do to open people’s eyes to the dangers present.

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