SMART High Efficiency Car Coming To US

SMART comes to US via ZAP.

I got excited a while ago when I learned that Daimler Chrysler was bringing their little SMART car to Canada, and I’m even more excited now that I learn that it’s coming to the US via ZAP, a company originally formed to make and sell electric cars (ZAP stands for zero air pollution). Though powered by a normal internal combustion engine, its small size and low weight allow it up to 60 miles a gallon — much better than the 20.7 MPG average for SUVs (and < 15MPG for behemoths like the Hummer).

20 thoughts on “SMART High Efficiency Car Coming To US

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  5. why isnt it electric like originally? That strikes me really odd. At leastr that option should be available. I smell a rat. 60 mog is cool and all, and it SHOULD get AT LEAST that much at 1588 lbs with a ltd top speed of 85 MPH. But the old Geo Metro 3 cylinders got over 50 MPG. heck, my 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo gets 40 MPG! An electric, for the rather hefty 15 grand, would be a far better value. There isnt even a trunk. Can you do better?

  6. I have need for a 1/2 ton pickup but have to put up with 16mpg in the U.S. when the rest of the world can choose from several trucks that get 30mpg. I am temped to buy one of these clean burning high efficient diesel engines and transmissions and then putting it in a U.S. pick up truck. These engines made by both Iveco and VM Motori are 20% cleaner burning than US made gas emgines and give you 40% better fuel economy. Why are we being held hostage?

  7. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!!! Talk about about health care (drugs and pharmacies) or autos and high milage, it’s all about the money and greed.

  8. Wouldn’t you love to get hit by a Ford F150 or a Hummer in one of these? They’d have to pry out your remains with a can opener! These cars are fantastic in Europe because there arent any behemoth vehicles like the afore mentioned. I would love a SMART, but only if I can live in Italy too!

  9. Yes, I was in Europe for one month in Scotland, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Austria and I saw only one “American” SUV. One big fat (for their cars) Chevy Tahoe sticking out like a sore thumb. I was greeted back in the states on my drive home with a soccer mom driving by herself in a hummer on her cell phone. That whole experience mad me realize how rediculusly wasteful we Americans are. In Europe you’d see 5 people riding in a 5 passenger vehicle. If you were going alone you took a moped. Even the pizza delivery people had mopeds with little hot boxes mounted on the back!

  10. I am currently living in France and though I really like the SmartCar, they are too expensive when compared to cars of the same size and fuel economy(I drive a peugeot 107d. Before the bashing of the U.S. cars run unabated, I contend that I use almost as much fuel here as I did in the U.S., driving a Porsche Turbo.
    The traffic laws here are crazy (no right on red) and there is literally a stop light every 50m. There are stop lights which are placed in non-intersections. They are there just for the amusement of someone. Of course, none of the lights are timed and they generally let about three cars through before they turn red again. I live 2km from my workplace and it generally takes 15-25 min to get there. It really is faster to walk at a very slow pace. I only drive when the weather is bad (which is much more common than S.C.)

    I am not bashing either country, both have their advantages, but they are just different.

    One thing that is curious here is that there has not been a great movement to hybrid cars here – I saw more Prius in the US. They would be great here – no more sticking in traffic with the motor running!!!

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  12. Someone forgot to include the Toyota Corrola at 41 mpg and the Honda civic that shows 40 mpg on the window but will get 42 with just some minor changes. I drive an 05 Civic and get 35 and 41 mpg.

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  14. Great mileage is one thing, but I have seen footage of Smart Car crash tests done at speeds and in situations common to US driving. I think that I would be Smart-er and safer just riding a lawnmower than to drive the Daimler mailbox on wheels.

  15. The Smart which is being sold in the US gets “about” 35 mpg according to the info @ Is this really an improvement over the Scion xA/xB (no longer available) which gets 36 mpg in average driving, for about the same cost and haave vastly more usable space. The Honda Fit or Nissan Versa get equavalent milage with similar interior dimensions. I SEE THAT
    TOYOTA HAS BOWED OUT OF THE MILAGE GAME WITH THE INTRODEUCTION OF LOWER MILAGE MODELS (XB, XD) IN THEIR LOWER PRICED CARS. It seems that we will be charged much more for hybreds (abourt $10,000 per car) which don’t get very good milage in typical US over-the-road driving where the electrical system is not used on interstates or over 40 mph. At this rate about 100,000 miles are required to match the costs @ $4.00/gal & 40 mpg.

  16. Michael, Why on Earth are you even DRIIVNG under 2 Kilometers anyway? Why not walk or bike? Odd.
    You say it would take less time to walk…well, that is a good thing. Driving is just bizarre… that is a 20 minute bike rdide or something.
    In America I almost expect people to live that way because we are a messed up beast, but when I was in Italy, France, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam…people seemed to “get it”.
    Maybe it is an “entitlement” with people that have money…I need to show off this expensive or flashy car.

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