Who Doesn’t Want a Caboose?

Cabooses4sale.com.Perhaps it’s the lasting effects of watching The Station Agent too many times, but I went looking for a place to buy a caboose. They’re big; as much as 50′ long, 16′ tall, and 11′ feet wide. And they’re heavy, perhaps 30 tons. But they can be moved on roads via big trucks and cranes, but then, they also move brick houses.

Caboose disappeared from the railroads in the 1980s, after about 130 years of service. This story from the 1960s tells the first 100 years of history, before most could see their time was coming to an end. Like most things, they were replaced by technology.

So where to buy one? Rail Merchants International has a bunch of caboose, including a large lot from the SOO Line. JFS Railcar appears to have quite a stock. There’s some information and links here, and a search on Google returns plenty of hits.

Plans are available from the Conrail fans, and BDWhite has this rather detailed set.

Prices? The minimum I’ve seen is $8,500, from an ad in the back of Trains magazine. $10,000 to $20,000 seems more likely, and those SOO Line are going for as much as $65,000 new (where “new” of course, actually means something like “lightly used, 20 or so years old” ). Nowhere have I seen what it would cost to move such a thing.

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    • I have a N & W 530327 central cupola caboose built in March, 1957 for sale in Asheboro, NC. Coal stove, 2 sinks, drop table with upholstered seating, bench seat with storage compartment, ice box, hot and cold water tanks, and more. Call Jewel McGrath at 336-953-3741 for details.

      • Hi Guys,

        Is this caboose still for sale- if so how much are you asking and what is the condition? Pictures would be great.

        Thanks so much for your time,

        Pastor Dave

    • I have a anitque a real old caboose. In great condition! I want to sell it but u would haft to come and haul it your self. Please email asap or it will be taken to the recycle company i live in Pell city Al

      • I would like more information on your caboose. How much do you want for it? Do you have pictures? I am interested. Kari

      • Hi. I just saw your note about an antique caboose. If it is still available, please contact me with details at gcgill@comcast.net We run a small museum in Michigan, and we have just acquired an 1883 depot.

        Thanks, Gaylord Gill

      • Checking on the caboose located in Pell City, AL that you noted in the website in April. Do you still have the caboose? What is the age of the caboose? What is the company?

  1. Hello, I’m on the Central Coast of California near San Luis Obispo and am looking for a metal cupola caboose that is nearby (San Francisco/Sacramento to Los Angeles/San Diego). If anyone in the state has one up for sale, please let me know. Thanks.

    • we have a Southern Pacific Caboose that we want to sell, we have had it on our campus since the 60’s. The inside is in great shape, I believe close to original.

      • Is the caboose in Monta Vista. What is the price? Please send pics of interior/exterior to our email address. We want to move a caboose to Pitkin, CO and use as a cabin.

      • Do you still have the caboose for sale? I live in San Martin ,Ca and am very interested Thank you for your reply

      • Where is the caboose located and do have any photos and info on the cabooses condition. Also would you have the railroad’s name and caboose number?


        Dan Quiat

    • Michael M.October 26 2007 .Howdy Michael ,I have 2 union Pacific cabooses located in the L.A. area & would sell 1 for $25,ooo.If you are still interested please call 805-640-9867..thanks & my name is Russ

  2. I am looking for a caboose in the Central Texas area for a non-profit group. I have found one that used to be part of a restaurant for sale for $22,000, includes move and set of rails. It does need work and has a hole cut out of the back where it was attached to restaurant. Just open inside.
    Is this a good buy? Do not know what line it is, the cupola is in the rear.
    Thanks for any help.

    • Dear Kathy,

      That sounds high, especially if the plan is to use it for a historic display. Most average modern cabooses go for $12k to $15K. The price goes up for cabooses in better condition as well as cabooses able to move by rail.
      Older cabooses are trickier. The uniqueness of the caboose and its condition are the most important part of the price.

      Dan Quiat

      No matter what you buy, purchasing is the cheapest part!

  3. Kathy or Mary –
    I have a BN cupola caboose South of Dallas. If you are interested email me at mhpinctx@yahoo.com for more inforamtion & pictures. It needs a little TLC. It does not have the trucks so would have to be moved by truck (at your expense).

  4. I have a caboose for sale. It’s almost 40′ long with a cupula in the middle. The exterior has been completely reconditioned – Red with white trim. The interior has been gutted for remodeling. New commercial windows throughout. $26,000. Colorado (970)310-9165

    • Please send pics to our email address. We want to move it to Pitkin, CO near Gunnison, to be used as a cabin.

    • Hi Randy,
      I live in Colorado. Is your caboose still for sale? Can you send pics/details if so? thanks,

  5. I have a Wooden Caboose.
    I would like to find a good home for it as it needs some work. It’s a N&W and has no wheels. I would be willing to give it away to the right person. It’s in Falls Mills VA 24613 Please e-mail RichmondREB@aol.com and put Caboose in the subject line.

  6. Looking for a caboose with cupola. Any condition within 250 miles from St.Louis,Mo.
    Please call or e-mail.

  7. we are looking for donated railway items, specifically cabooses of B&O, and N&W. We are a RR presevation Society in Cleveland Ohio. Any help would be appreciated and your donation is fully tax deductable.

    Thanks for listening!

  8. we are a non profit charity 501(c)3 working with terminilly ill children, we seek a good condition caboose, for the north pole village in middlefield ohio
    between cleveland and youngstown….can you please help us for the children. your donation is tax deductable.

    thank you.



  9. I am interested in buying an old caboose. One in need of restoration. Please contact me at the above website. Thank you

  10. I own a 1920’s Frisco caboose. I have been restoring it when I can. It is in good condition for its age. The inside is still in original condition and in very good condition. I have installed new siding, including insulation on one side. Will send pictures. Contact me at 918-285-1072 or email for more information.

    • We live in OKC, OK and would like to move a caboose to the center of Colorado. Please email pics.

  11. I have a 1972 CN all metal 46 foot long cabose for sale. Complete with fourty feet of rails and sleepers and a functionaing RR crossing sign. The caboose was converted to toy store. Converted to 110 volt electric service. you move asking $15,000 Call 607 387 7891 for more information or contact by e-mail at tburgtoys@fltg.net

  12. I am possibly buying a pittsburgh shawmut wooden caboose from a person in my area that has had it on display in his yard for many years, the caboose is in pretty bad shape and will need major repair and restore…..i am looking for any help on blueprints or plans or any other information on how i might disassemble and transport the caboose via roadway…….i am very interested in blueprints or plans……..the caboose was used by the pittsburgh shawmut company and i believe the caboose number 172……i would greatly appreciate any help…….thanks

  13. I would like to make a correction my posting of a caboose for sale. There is an errior in the price it should read $25,000 not $15,000 as posted in my April 15th listing. Sorry about the incoviance. I made a typing errior.

    • Is the I5 B&O caboose still available in southern Ohio ,I am looking for a set of B&O friction bearing trucks.

  14. Anyone have a lead on a metal sided cupola caboose for sale in the North Carolina area?

    • I own a N & W 530327 caboose built in March, 1957. It has a central cupola and has metal siding. It has a coal stove, 2 sinks, hot and cold water tanks, ice box, drop table with upholstered seating, bench seating with storage underneath, lots of storage compartments, some railroad tools, and more. It is all authentic, nothing has been altered since it was purchased from the railroad. If you are interested please contact me at 336-953-3741. I can send pictures.

      Jewel McGrath
      Asheboro, NC


  16. Hello,
    Are you looking to purchase this items,

    Where are you located?

    Where do you want the items to be ship to?

    Our method of payment (Western Union,Bank transfer,Paypal).

    Please be specific on the actual item you want to purchase from us.

    You can state your final price?

    We reside @ 420 Creek Rd,San Antonio 78210 Texas. OR

    15 Nixos Way,Sacramento city,95823 California.

    Hope to receive your positive response.

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  17. I have a wooden GTW caboose #77054, buiilt in 1890 , has been restored, prototypically correct, inside and out, for sale in Michigan. If you are looking for a beautiful caboose, this is ithe one for you! You can e-mail me at : swedetyler@verizon.net or 231-766-2204

  18. i have a rare l&n window caboose that was from the 1960 . me an my wife dont know to much about the train we are coming to you cause we would want to sell it to people that would appreciate it like my dad did he past away and we are moving and can not take it with us could you guys give us some information or know any one that could point us in the right directions. you could contact us by e mail cruzbanzuela@gmail.com or phone 702 772 2534 hope to hear from soon thank you and god bless

  19. We have a Missouri Pacific caboose for sale in Kansas.It is in good condition and has been cleaned on the inside.

  20. i am looking to buy a caboose. I live 50 miles south of Kansas City, please call if email me if you have one for sale in my area. my phone number is 660-679-1092.

  21. I am looking to buy a caboose. I live just south of Kansas City, Missouri. Call 660-679-1092 if you have one to sell.

  22. I lhave a 1944 Union Pacific steel caboose (C4-A style) #25171 that I just put on Craigslist for sale. $15000. or reasonsable offer. Inclluded is the “original” pot-belly stove, coal bucket & tools, sink, toilet, conductor’s desk & chair, pressure gauges,caboose whistle, water cooler, topedo/flare/flag carrier, cushioned sleeping bunks & in the center top cupola & on the corners, windows w/shades,oil cans, trucks, rails, ties, etc. We added a modern toilet in one of the closets, 110 & 220 elec,, theromstat heater,, an old logging engine whistle & a bell, large crossing sign with marbles, switch, switch light, spittoon, brakeman’s hat, etc. Can send photos. Call Gloria at 360-448-8111. Battle Ground, WA

    • Do you still have your caboose for sale? I am interested you can reply via email.
      Thank you,

    • I just called Gloria, and she let me know this caboose is SOLD. I hear it went to a good and loving home.

  23. I Want to warn you of a caboose nightmare I’m having with Rail Merchants International. I saw caboose CN 79831 advertised at thier site, railmerchants.net. I phoned and told him I wanted to buy it. In February 2011 he directed me to travel from the west coast to Michigan to see it. When I got there Feb 5, it turned out to be a different caboose, CN 79531. I decided to buy it anyway and he received my payment Feb 8. He waited one month before printing the bill of sale and It took another month before I recieved it. For three months he told me he would put me in contact with people he knows to load the caboose for shipment but he never provided any help. The caboose has been stored on the Adrian and Blissfield RR in Michigan since 2005. In June I learned the railroad will not release the caboose to me until the “car storage” fees are paid ($50/month + 18% interest). Several legal advisors tell me this is fraud. Rail Merchants should pay the fees or he should have told me about this expense in advance. As of August 2011 the caboose has not moved. I would not recomend dealing with railmerchants unless you work through a lawyer to protect yourself, don’t just believe what he says. He is not honest. Pierre Morin, Boston Bar BC Canada

  24. Has anyone moved a caboose? Do you have any information, suggestions, tips etc.?? What is the average cost?
    Thank you,

  25. Caboose for sale. Needs a little restoration. Looks to be early to mid 1900’s. Cupola style. Asking $15,000. Moving costs are buyers responsibility. Located in Southern Ohio. Please contact if interested I can provide pictures.

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