Declaring Bankruptcy On Old Stories

I often use the MaisonBisson blog as a sort of annotated bookmark list, keeping track of the things that catch my interest for one reason or another, things that I’d like to return to or share. But I often get ahead of myself in identifying the things I’d like to look at further and never get around to posting an annotated link here. For those, I’ve been keeping a text file with URLs that I’ve sometimes revisited and sometimes posted stories on, but the list is growing, and it’s becoming clear that I won’t ever get to around to posting stories for most of the URLs there.

So I’m declaring bankruptcy with my NewURLs.txt file that’s been sitting on my desktop and taunting me since I started it about a year ago. I’m posting the links below, mostly in chronological order, mostly unedited, poorly annotated.

Ray Girvan‘s blog, where I found a link to Cabinet MagazineGeorge Hotelling‘s interesting CSS trick to identify link types, with an example about the iTunes Music Store • National Geographics guide to the Florida keys • A Mercedes fansite‘s story about the Smart car coming to Canada • Links and information about bulk downloads of open-source databases like DMOZ and affiliated and related sites • A Wikipedia article on the Saturn V • Urban Exploration Resource • A listing of adult picture books (but no, there’s no popup Kama Sutra) • A Copyfight story on Donald Trump’s violation of patent law • A source for ID cards and badges (from long before the “are bloggers journalists” debate inflamed) • A series of DefenseTech stories on failed missile defense system tests, another failed missile defense system test, and the problems and realities of missile defense in generalWardrive applications • A book on a failed utopia that I’d like to read • A listing of podcast clients • A series of articles about CNN canceling Crossfire with support from On The Media and this guy • A story at Playlist magazine about iPod accessories at CES and the Playlist magazine music downloads • A link to RetroFuture, which blew its bandwith quota the day it appeared in SlashDot or whatever; it’s now moved moved here (though the entire site is worth looking at) • An early overview of the Mac MiniThe war on copyright communistsHacking Coke machinesKid’s use of libraries and the broken-ness of library databases (and thinking, sometimes) • A how-to on taking apart the Mac Mini

My hosting provider choked at this point. Most of the links that follow were found either during the downtime or after.

SXIP, an open-source identity management framework • The Album Cover Hall of ShameLicense to seat, DRM is a folding chair, and this cartoon, which does a great job of explaining the problems I have with IP law now • A weird collection of women in space suits and in divesuits via We Make Money Not ArtKangoo Jumps shoes (boots) with springs like in the cartoons • A short biography of Vicki MorganOverheard in the officeNAB joins fight against P2P • MARC records for Gutenberg textsLast Time I Saw Paris is in the public domain • A Mr. T public service film that will leave you scratching your head • Review and description of the Wendy’s Grill Skills video that looks so bad it’s good • Linux virgin and review • A new PowerBook trackpad driver to allow two-finger scrolling on previous generation portablesVimeo, sort of like Flickr for video • Election fraud and exit polls, with explanations of exit polls and outlying data from the MysterPollster • Google labs, which always has something worth talking about, but I was amused by sets and the brand new ride finder • Interesting illustrationsGender equality in Ikea assembly instructions • Iconize MeLogoWorks • An interesting quote about Mac usage • A note about Amazon’s “statistically improbable phrases” SXSW vs • eTech • Information about UPCs, and a UPC database, which relates to product taxonomy and folksonomyA story about linking a webcam, GPS, live mapping, and mobile internet in a vehicle • An OCLC story about personalizing library services

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