Crunch: Three More Days


There are at least two ways to appreciate Easter: To some it’s the most important religious event of the year, while, to others — your hosts here at MaisonBisson, for instance — it’s yet another good reason to gather friends and family ’round a table and celebrate good food, good wine, and all that makes us human.

But there’s a problem:

We dismantled our kitchen last week in anticipation of our new kitchen…which is taking longer to install than I expected. I cannot now say if the new kitchen will be complete in time for dinner, and our 20 guests. I can say that there probably won’t be any more posts here until it’s done.

[update:] Pictures of the completed kitchen are now online.

One thought on “Crunch: Three More Days

  1. so … why keep us in suspense … was the kitchen together in time for your meal?!? I gotta know!!! Damn you and these cliffhanger stories … it’s like having to wait till rerun season is over before we finally get to know who shot JR!

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