I discovered today that my content database is missing about 20 entries from the first weeks of 2005. The feeling of loss is pretty thick, but I get these feelings pretty easily — hey, don’t pick on me.

Of the 21 stories, I can only remember the content of one of them. I think the story was titled “Web Apps Rocked 2004” or something like that and was basically all about the goodness of XMLHTTPRequest. I’ve put that technology to use in a simple demo called LOLA Suggest, where LOLA is the name of our web OPAC.

But back to those feelings of loss….

I think the problem occurred when things went awry at my hosting provider. I suspect their backups backups were incomplete, but what do I know. My backups are shamefully incomplete, so I share part of the blame. Anyway, the only thing to do about loss is get used to it.


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