Kitchen Destruction Time-lapse Movie

Kitchen Destruction Video.

It’s all part of the plan, but this is a bigger mix effort and uncertainty than expected. I’d hoped to have everything cleared from the kitchen by mid-day, but I’ve got another cabinet to remove Sunday. The uncertainty? We don’t yet have the new cabinets in hand. If those are delayed, we could be without a kitchen for quite a while. Worse: we’re hosting Easter and I’ve only got next weekend to install the cabinets and put the kitchen back together. Here’s to hoping that the cabinets are delivered as expected.

The video: variable scale time-lapse, a little more than 15 hours of work passes in little more than three minutes.

Kitchen Destruction Time-lapse Movie.

Play it backwards for even more fun.

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  1. wow it is first time to post .
    i am excited by this show.just by looking the movie is in enough to make me want to watch it immedialety.

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