Can You Eat It?

Food bets seem harmless, but they look funny.

Chris eats a coffee roll bigger than his head.
Chris eats a coffee roll
bigger than his head
Leslie drinks a half gallon of chocolate milk.
Leslie drinks a half gallon
of chocolate ‘puddin’ milk
Jesse struggles with crackers.
Jesse struggles with crackers
Jesse struggles with crackers.
…and chokes

Everybody likes the old “can’t eat four saltines in 60 seconds” bet, and it’s likely that many of these foods would never get eaten except on a bet. Then there’s the story of two guys who took a bet they could eat Ramen noodles — only Ramen noodles — for a month. It’s probably apocryphal, but they story ends with them getting scurvy and giving up.

For all the trouble they can cause, I think bets are one of the great engines of change in society — and they’ve certainly had a positive effect on the advancement of technology. Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson, for instance, showed America what the future of cars might be when he set off on the first successful tans-continental road trip on a $50 bet. Sure, he had no experience, but bullheaded foolishness is all part of the game when a bet is on the table.

Update: Some say six or seven is possible, and there’s a strategy….

14 thoughts on “Can You Eat It?

  1. Oh yea! Well I know someone who says she can do it! And if she says she can do it … um well, actually she upped the bet on herself … um she said she could eat 9 of them … and swallow them …

    I believe in her … but I do hope she did not bet too much!

  2. We have a thing at work to see how many…
    we tried drinking as many Capri Sun juice boxes without peeing (but we had to pee since about noon and we started at 5:00PM), how many mini powdered doughnuts can you fit in your mouth, and how many chocolate animal crackers you can fit in your mouth with out chewing them. Next week we are trying the wonderbread challange,the saltine crackers, and how many blueberries you can fit.

  3. A couple friends and I have started a tradition, the Thursday night challenge. This last one a couple of us tried to swallow a goldfish and throw it back up alive. We have also done the gallon challenge (milk), seeing who can eat the most raw eggs, etc.
    I think saltines, ice cream and possibly tomato sauce are going to be attempted in upcoming Thursdays.
    Check out the videos and blog on my site for some entertainment:

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