Sweet Deal On Home Theater Projector

Sharp PG B10s at Amazon.

The Sharp PG-B10S projector isn’t the best out there, but it rates pretty well according to ProjectorCentral.com. Their stats show it to be a 1200 lumen, 800×600 projector with a 400:1 contrast ratio and a long lamp life of up to 4000 hours. The ProjectorCentral.com user reviews suggest it has a good picture with great color rendition.

MacUser UK concluded:

The PG-B10S showed excellent detail from our presentation slides, with accurate colours and well-defined text, and it coped particularly well with solid blocks of colour. The playback of the video footage was good: colours were spot-on, detail was fine and the images were well balanced – not too saturated, not too dull. We did see a yellow caste is some scenes, especially where there was a lot of white in the background, but this was so slight as to be inconsequential.

The Sharp PG-B10S really impressed us. It was one of the quietest models on test, didn’t produce too much heat, and apart from the minor yellow caste on video playback and the poor speaker, was one of the few models on test to come close to the Labs Best for image quality.

In short, it sounds like a good projector for home theater use. What clinches it? Price.

TigerDirect is selling refurbs for $600, Amazon is selling new units for $900, but Staples was selling new units for $600 after rebate. That deal has expired, and they’re not even listed at Staples.com anymore, but I got mine a week ago.

The projector lives up to the reviews and looks good compared to newer, more expensive models. I was worried contrast was too low to satisfy, but that doesn’t appear to be a problem. The picture looks great on a screen seven feet wide — just a white sheet at this point. It’s a surprising deal and I’m quite pleased with it.

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