(Re-)Programming The Sony RM-V60 Multifunction Remote Control

Sony RM-V60 Remote Control.In case you find the batteries dead, and the programming lost, Sony’s instructions for configuring the RM-V60 multifunction remote control are online. You’ll have a heck of a time finding them, however, what with all the lousy ePinions and NexTag listings getting in the way. Ignore those. Codes for all the rest of Sony’s remotes are online too.

Here are some seeds for Google and the others: Sony remote control codes for programming Sony multifunction remote controls, like the RM-V60 are online at Sony remote control support site.

3 thoughts on “(Re-)Programming The Sony RM-V60 Multifunction Remote Control

  1. hello 🙂 i am looking for codes for rm-932 (sony)
    i went to their website as recommended but itdoes not list it. 🙁
    could you help please?

    thank you


  2. Thanks for the link. This remote was buried in a couch crack long enough for the batteries to die, and your link was just the answer I was looking for.


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