Today in Sports: Le Parkour

Troy pointed wildly and excitedly at a video showing his new favorite sport: Le Parkour. The video appeared on a site normally devoted to the fun of Macromedia’s Flash Communications Server:

I recently saw the film film ‘Jump Britain’ on Channel4 and was impressed by what I consider is an art form. It’s like skateboarding without skateboards, brilliant.

Le Parkour consists of finding new and often dangerous ways through the city landscape — scaling walls, roof-running and leaping from building to building. David Belle is the acknowledged guru of the urban sport known as Le Parkour — or sometimes called Free Walking.

David Belle’s site explains:
(David’s first language isn’t English, so give him some slack. It’s not like we could make better sense of this in French)

This art is a new way of apprehending the environment which surrounds us, with, for only things, the human body. To be able to face all the obstacles which are presented, whether they are in natural environment, or on various structures, all that things in the research for a movement combining estetic and control. It’s in an other hand, the self-knowledge, the challenge against your own fears, because obstacles are not all the times the things we imagine. People who practice this sport are called Traceurs, Training is physical but also reflects a moral philosophy with its own values. More than a sport, it’s an art, an everyday philosophy!

There’s more videos and photos at David Belle‘s site, but this one (at right) from FlashComGuru is enough to make me understand Troy‘s excitement.

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  1. There is currently a group of traceurs in Houston, for those who are looking. We meet every Monday and Wednesday, downtown on the corner of Bagby and Walker. isn’t my site, but I do use it, check it out to find out more.

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  2. Hi, I’m from Lund, Sweden, and I’m v new to parkour. I just know I’d like to start doing that myself, and I am looking for people in the area who have the same interest. If that’s the case – pls send your replies!

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  3. soy de colombia y creo que ha sido lo mas bacano que han inventado y me gustaria que me enviaran otro de esos viedos. gracias

  4. I myself are a free runner I’ve been studying free running and have had One person interested in it and were both very good at it. my name is Paul aka free bird thats what people call me I am 13 years old. My friend that does free running with me his name is Devin he is 14 years old. I do encourage many to do free running and I want to thank David Belle for creating it he freakin awesome
    Devin is very good at running up the wall and on the side of it. Im good at gap jumping and running on the side of the wall. Remeber are names Paul aka free bird
    13 years old and Devin aka tcannon (tough cannon) age 14 years old. We will have pictures soon of us doing free running so look for them they will probably be called tcannon and free bird. tell your friends about us and David Belle and try to tell them about free running. spread are names and the sport thank you remeber look for pics.

  5. now i have seen you, i know that i will never be as good as you, but you have inspired me to finnaly pluck up the courage to learn how to to front and backflips, foot to foot. i train all the time, i am only 12, but it is my favourite sport

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  7. “Comment by nik on November 16, 2005 8:41 am
    Hi, i just have a question, are you guys in Canada? Because i never saw someone doing Parkour.”

    Yea, there are a few Parkour groups in Vancouver BC. Of course there are a lot more all throughout Canada but I’m more familiar with the ones in Vancouver. Check out the website:
    Hope that helps!

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