Geolocation Tagging Photos

GPSPhotoLinker Icon.There’s a new version of Jeff Early’s GPS Photo Linker, which allows you to combine tracks from your GPS (time and position data) with your photos (time and image data), so you end up with a bunch of photos with embeded GPS coordinates.

Jeff notes:

Apple has confirmed that MacOS 10.4 will support the GPS metadata tags in photos. This will open up a whole realm of opportunities for users and developers to take advantage of the position data on photos.

One wonders if that means iPhoto will get new GPS-related features shortly after….

Geolocation tagging has been around for a while (even if the primary website for it has been down for many months). How interesting it might be to combine geolocation tags with tag-folksonomies and display filtered results in an app like worldKit?

I found worldKit a while ago, but still haven’t gotten around to using it. Now that I have a GPS (courtesy my brother and his wife), I really need to get going on it.

Sort of related: USGS now has a National Map Viewer that seems to be built with a bunch of layered divs. Interesting.

And there’s probably no better place than this to mention Keyhole, recently purchased by Google. James Coates of The Chicago Tribune (subscription required) says he likes it.

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