Standing Up For Clam Juice

Yummy Clam Juice.Okay, so I’ve been doing at least a post a day since about September 2004 and a few people got concerned when I missed a couple days, but I am alive. Gosh (said Napoleon style).

I’d probably pass on posts again today, but I was looking recent comments on my Flickr photoblog and got a smile when I found evil angela‘s defense of clam juice:

You know, it’s kind of like fish sauce. It’s disgusting on its own,
and smells horrible, but adds something good to the right recipes.

I think it was her good, whole-hearted defense of clam juice’s meaningful role in a diverse cuisine that reminded me what it’s like to be an open minded American. She reminded me that there are better things to do than criticize that which we don’t understand.

Not that I’m going to swill clam juice for lunch, but that wasn’t the point. Was it?

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