Palm Travel Guides

MyPalmLife is running a story about some new travel guides that run on your Palm-powered device. Produced as a collaboration between Rough Guides and Visual IT, they also support PocketPC and Symbion devices.

London, Paris, Rome, New York, and San Francisco are available now at an introductory price of $20 each. “Further cities will be released over the coming months.”

According to the website, the Rough Guide city maps include:

  • Fully scrollable and interactive maps of the city.
  • Tap any location to display information and available links.
  • Intuitive navigation bar meaning you are never more than one click away from the information you require.
  • Map links allow you to directly link to other maps, photographs, or detailed views.
  • Categorised Find feature allowing you to quickly find any street, place of interest or station.
  • Categorised Information feature providing a wealth of information on the city, places of interest, etc.
  • 1-Click Home feature, keeping the Home map always at hand.
  • Zoom function on all maps.

A PDF sales sheet and 1-day demos are available.

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