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Gizmodo mentioned the new Garmin iQue 3600a GPS Palm for Pilots this morning. There’s a long write up about it at MyPalmLife, but the Gizmodo story linked to Palm247.

Once there, I found a link to instructions on putting the Wikipedia on a Palm. Well, you’ll need a 1GB SD card, but that’s okay, right? It all depends on TomeRaider, an interesting app and fileformat for searchable, hyper-linked e-content.

Palm247 is also running a contest to win a free copy of Trip Boss, an all-in-one travel manager. “Use for both business and personal travel; expenses, mileage, itinerary, journal, budget, ratings, currency converter, tip/split calculator, and much more.” I like the looks of the app, especially its mileage and itinerary trackers/planners. What I’d want is GPS integration, I think.

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