Problems Happen

My hosting provider has a US-based datacenter and UK-based staff. It’s an odd mix that may or may not be helpful when things go all to heck, like they did on Saturday and again on Tuesday.

The first acknowledgment of the problem Saturday explained that “the server is reporting a Kernel Panic.” then four hours later, it was reported that “there is a major fault with the boot sector and kernel on the server prevent it from loading into the lilo prompt, or booting from a new Kernel due to damage.”

Twelve hours later, now Sunday, MaisonBisson and the [dozens|hundreds|thousands?] of other sites hosted along side it, were back online.

Then it happened again on Tuesday.

Now Thursday, we all seem to be going again.

Along the way, the company switched from Ensim to cPanel, and from RedHat 7 to RedHat Enterprise. The OS doesn’t change much, but the new control panel is very different. It will take me a while to figure everything out and get back on track.

I kept writing stories during the downtime, and I’ll be posting them over the next day or two. Some will likely be pre-dated, so look a little more carefully.

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