Steve Jobs Introduces iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle.In his MacWorld Expo keynote today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod shuffle.

From MacNN:

Apple introduces iPod Shuffle…flash based player. Smaller than most packs of gum.
Weighs the same as 4 quarters (less than 1 ounce).
Volume/Up dow. Simple LED to provide feedback. No display.
Either shuffle or album-based playback.
USB 2 transfer connector under connector at the bottom. 12-hour rechargeable battery. Mac/PC compatible.
Ships with a laynard that connects directly to bottom connector for easy carrying.
10:52AM Pacific time

iPod shuffle features new iTunes with auto-fill that will automatically select songs for iPod shuffle. Can also be used at flash storage device.
iPod shuffle in two versions: 512MB ($99) and 1GB ($149). Neon green box. Now shipping.
Apple offers four accessories: Dock, Battery extender (20hours of battery life), Car adapter–each $29. Due in next four weeks

4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Introduces iPod shuffle

  1. Hello steve jobs, I read ur article. Made me to cry. The three stories u said at standford. Each and evry word I loved it. Ur the person with whom I spend time will see the drastic change in me. But ur too far from me and I wish a person like you near bye. What to do, though optimistic and always wish to dont settle down. Its in my nature, I never get satisfied. Feel like everyone should ask me, how do to this and how to do that…very aggressive. Oops this is vasudev deshpande working as a testing engineer in INDIA. Nixce to read ur article, which inspires me alot. Hope one day would meet you….u plz take care. Follow indian auyervedic dont go for allopathic as it may cause side effects..take care and love you for ur innovation and everything…

  2. Hi Steve!
    I am an ardent fan of yours and it’s not bcoz I am an engineering geek or so,but bcoz I like your visions.Your ability to see things that everyone else has seen but never thought of. The never say die attitude that defines you and the guts to stay away from the herd.I’ve closely followed your life & times .Be it the “APPLE COMP”, the “NEXT COMP” the “PIXAR LABS” or the “INDIA VISIT”.Everything there is so motivating. I’ve even lectured on ” Apple culture” to my classmates here in India as a part of our academic course.

    It’s not just your products that are unique but also the ads that introduce them. I liked the immense creative appeal of the ” 1984″ ad. The other day I was just thinking on one of your ads when this idea suddendy ran across my mind. It deals with the way I feel apple shapes our life and I guess with a little change it can convey the required message as an ad.

    “It’s the EDEN GARDEN” where ADAM tries out to reach for the forbidden fruit (definitely apple) and embraces the lovely reality of being human. It’s then that a message flashes across the screen.—- “APPLE MADE YOU HUMAN , AND THE TRADITION STAYS “. I guess it’ll be awesome.

    I just wanted to suggest an idea bcoz I admire you a lot. I feel you are one of the very few people who are more gigantic than the organisations they have built.I’ll be happy if you someday write a book on your ideas and values.I’ll love it.

    Thanks a lot for inspiring millions of students like me. Take care. You require a greater concern for your health after that surgery.If someday you find time ,do come to India. There are lot’s of places here which’ll inspire you both intellectually and spiritually.You know that well. BYe and take care.

    Lots of love to everybody in the Apple family…………

  3. i aint sure whtr ur gonna read this or nt ,bt ill try cuz ive seen pirates of the silicon valley n i feel ur a hero ,i didnt knw anythin abt ur life,bt today i hav a pic of in my cellphone,i liked apple products bt didnt c them cuz i cudnt afford to buy them myself,im Mumbai india whr apple is nt so reconized bt its pickin up ,whn i meet ppl tommo ill spk to them abt the father of apple an creator of ipod an iphone i dun want a favours,jus wanna tell u tht ur one of those persons who r a boon to humans,i myself bein a simple webdesigner an a person who keeps info abt technology an person who has interest in hardware cant hav a btr role model lik u.i hope an i knw tht Apple and Steve J become no.1 in publics view (it already is technically) tc


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